Indulge. Pamper. Unleash.

Indulge. Pamper. Unleash.

Video Script

Step into (music) MadCocktail (preferably logo)

Each point given below to be shown and/or narrated at the beginning of the respective pavilion.

  1. Pop a champagne at Champer’s Central, marvelling at the finest beasts. (Champers Central)
  2. A Cuban whiff with a sip of whiskey? Reimagine your abode while you’re at it. (W+L)
  3. Gape at the splendid collection of watches and jewellery whilst relishing a MAD cocktail. (Concoction De Runway)
  4. Sketch out your most luxurious holiday yet at Ol Vintner’s Quarter, nipping some wine. (Ol Vintner’s Quarter)
  5. Culminate by letting yourself lose to phenomenal cuisine with a pint of the finest beer ever made. (The Kitchin)

Mad Cocktail – The Absolute Experience (1 sec before Mad Cocktail logo)

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